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Alyssa's Biography Page

my favorite website.

I love this link it is so cool and fun!
my favorite books are... thank you mister Faker. And Romeow and drooliet.

We are at Lancing. We learned about Native Americans.

It was so fun. we are at the museum. we lend how hard it was to trade.

State reptile!
This is a panted turtle it is our state reptile.

It is has red one it's shell. It's neck is squish.


These are skins of a bear, deer and a ox.

it is so soft. It keeps the native Americans warm.

battle book


The chocolate touch. Is awesome every thing his moth touches terns to chocolate.

brain brake

We are dancing to a brain brake it is so fun.

My map

alyssa map.jpg

I am doing a biography about Jane Goodall. And so fair I love here. I think she is assume!