Nelson was born on July 18 1918
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his name was Rolihala but on his first day of school his teacher called him Nelson. Then when he was nine years old his dad died he was a member of the thembu tribe the government was captain jigitadaga thats the tribe his dad was in.In 1934 Nelson went to high school at clarkebury and graduated from clarkebury and went to healdtown then for college he went fort hare. Then he graduated from college. Then he married Evelyn Mase in1944 they had a son his name was Thembi Mandela. Then in 1953 he ran for the president of the student representative he won. Then he was arrested for 5 months. Then in 1958 Nelson Mandela remarried he married Nomzamo Winifred Madikzela. In 1959 they had a baby girl named Zenani Mandela. Then he was arrested for ten thousand in robben island prison. Then in 1990 he came out of prison.Then he and Nomzamo winifred madikzela separated and later they divorced.Then in 1993 he won the nobel peace prize and shared it with sou

th Africa president FW de klerk. Then in 1994 Nelson Mandela became the first black south Africa president and the freedom was 31 years ago and he the first the first black south Arica president. Then he in 1998 he married Graca Machel.Then our hero who was the first black south Africa president fighting for civil rights for 31 years he went to prison 2 times in his life and got to be president of South Africa then married died in 2013 he died our hero died. We feel sad for he fought for rights like martin Luther king Jr. he helped martin he died he was a hero. He helped fight for civil rights then when he was 96 years old that's pretty old some are looking at his grave we love Nelson Mandela we love Nelson Mandela because black and white people at school wouldn't be together today if black people hadn't fought for civil rights we adore Nelson Mandela today even know he died 2 years ago so we still love nelson mandela today we love nelson Mandela nelson is awesome we love him.