Arnot's Biography Page

The native American presentation
Our class learned a lot of stuff about native Americans.
We were excited.
We played the games they used to play.

Our science expieremeriment PC090945.JPG
we had this wire to make light in order to make light we had to hook them all up to the battery and the curcit.
when we hooked them up we had to put them throught holes.
then we did the same thing to the battery.
then we conneected them altogether and made light.
Then we made a enormuous curcit and did the same thing to make it.
It was fun to do the curcit. bY ARnot

LANSING by Arnot


me and my class went to Lansing.My favorite part was when we went to the historical museum. I also liked when we met Jeremy Moss he is are state Representative.I really like going to the capitol building in the capitol building i liked the rotunda.

My favorite website
I like Hooda math because there are cooler games than any other website on games.
Plus every night i play hooda math because it has one thousand games on it.
So my favorite on hooda math is soccer balls because you can kick soccer
balls all over the place you can even kick the at the refs.I think hooda math
is recommended for how good its games are.hooda math is one of the best
places with games on you can get on to something like kizi or
something plus i dont know what they mean about that so i still dont know what
they mean about that.

my favorite website

Compass Learning

i love compass learning because you can go on to language arts and science
and social studies and all those other subjects in can do quizzes
and tests and stuff.compass learning is a great website for elementary schools and
it is great and when you get stuff wrong your learning.that is why i love compass learning
.compass learning has so much learning activities kids will get smarter every time you go
on there compass learning is awesome.i love compass learning it is a

my favorite battle book
My favorite battle book is the big blueberry barf-off. I like the barf-off because it has comedy in the book it is fun to read I still haven't finished the book. I love the big blueberry barf-off. My favorite character is beast I like how he is wild I like how he is an animal he can stuff a whole pizza in to his mouth I thought it was pretty cool.

my favorite battle book

I loved learning about franklin Roosevelt. He was a good world war 2 fighter I liked reading franklin Roosevelt. It was a really good book I loved it. It was
a awesome book. I liked franklin Roosevelt he was a cool character.

super sniffers is an awesome book oops don't want to spoil it.


the homework machine is an awesome book I haven't read the whole thing but its good so far. i'm not done with the book but its funny I love home work
.image (19).jpeg

this is when we went to the nature center we learned about