My Avatar...


I'm like markers because...

Each time i touch the paper my soft brush colors it.

When my hand touches the markers it moves in a way it never dose.

I like being a cool colors just like a marker!!!

This is my Paper Challenge ...


I made a rainbow galaxy.

I used paper and colors to make it.

I might make a cool ball next

My Favorite Link is...


I like Spelling city.

I like spelling city because it has fun spelling games.

One of my favorite games is hang mouse.

To start tape in your words and press start then pick a game and go!

It helps me to learn to spell in a fun way hope you like it.

My Favorite Math Game is...

My favorite math game is beat the calculator.

You take a calculator and fact cards then you flip the card

Then one person takes the calculator and tryes to find the answer and one of the people try to find the anwser with there Brian who ever Finnish first wins!

Audio Book Read!

I vido taped my first writing chapter.

It is called coloer on paper.

I had to go to start All Programs MISC Audacity then get a microphone and headphones plug it in then press the red butten to start and brown to stop then blue to pause green to listen to your work thats all.

Native American!


My Biography!

Amelia Earhart

external image bthear.jpg
I picked Amelia Earhart because a liked that she stood
up for what she belived in.She fought for flying rights for
wemon. I realey fell for
Amelia Earhart when i herd that so that is way i picked her.

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