hi I`M BROOKE Welcome to my wiki !

Brooke's Biography Page

This is my class and I.

we do a brain break every morning to wake us up .

It is amazing and fun !


my favorite website


switch zoo is so fun.

sometimes when your upset it makes you laugh really hard that

you fall on the ground.

you should try or play switch zoo!


This is the nature center I loved it we got to make homemade ginger snaps with sugar they were awesome also we made candles they were old fashion we dipped them in wax we had to walk around the big table and that was a second so then we had to wait our turn and we got to walk on stilts it was hard at first but as I tried I got the hang of it also I got to pump some water and drink it.


PC090947.JPG This our table doing science and we are making circuits.Circuits are like Christmas lights and it was lots and lots of fun I had a great time best science project ever!


I went to Lansing with my classmates and teacher my favorite part was the capital I got to see representative moss he is a state fan(oh my gosh)even the historical museum it was about science and social studies!


This is when we were decorating. The class for

for parent teacher conferences. It

was really fun I had a blast!

Third grade battle of the books!


This is the battle book I am reading .

Right now it is the best battle book so far .

I enjoy all of them but I feel like this is the best one.

My next book I am going to read is SUPPER SNIRFIRS!

Big huge circuit !


This is my classes circuit it took 1 or 2 minutes the lights are demerging because they are a lot of circuits .

and it takes a lot of batteries because you need a lot of energy and power to make a circuit.

Making a circuit is really fun and I am going to make a circuit at home one day.


This is a picture of tools for the native Americans the native Americans were in Michigan back in the olden days tribes fought for the native Americans land because it was so big and valuable.


This the native American presentation . In the picture I am holding a white tailed deer with Alyssa and Jadyn. A white tailed deer is really soft and the white parts of the deer fells like bear skin. If you don't know what bear skin feels like it feels like silky hair.