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I am like a gem stone.
I like people to feel comfortable around me.
I cheer up friends when they are feeling down.

My Paper Challenge...
My Paper Challenge...
For my paper challenge, I made a picture of the teen titans because it is my favorite show.

My Favorite Subject ...
3 of the books

My favorite subject is reading. I am reading an awsome series of books called Harry Potter. I have already finished the first book and I am reading the second book. I can't wait until I finish all the books because I will be a Harry Potter expert.

My Favorite Special...
My Scratch Art...

My favorite special is art. I like art because I get to use my imagination. This is a picture of my scratch art.

What I do at recess...
At recess I like to play basketball. We play a game called Lightning. It is a lot of fun!

Harry Potter Expert
This is a chapter of the book that I wrote.

I like writing because I get to write what I know about something and people get to read it.

That is a picture of a guy who came to our school to do a presentation.
It was really fun because the guy brought lots of tools and clothing made by the native Americans.He even brought dead animals with him to the presentation. It was so fun !

Mathew Henson
Mathew Henson

I read this graphic novel called Matthew Henson Arctic Adventure. it was a great book because I enjoy reading where people travel the world.

Carson's Notes


My Polygon


To be a polygon a shape needs

  1. straight line segmants
  2. The shape can't be open
  3. The line segmants can't cross