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A Good Link
compass Learning

I like compass Learning because it can help people learn how to do
math and counting and it can help you learn want your doing in class
and reading. You also can see pizza and help you in fictions so you can have a fun time
doing math and fictions so you can like math and it can help you with quizzes and it can help you when you
have no homework so you could go on Compass Learning it is a fun way to learn how to do math.


I went to the capital.
It was nice I liked how it looked it had hand made paintings.
we couldn't touch the walls at all. We seen representative Moss. He was nice I liked him then we went up the stairs they where
very long going up the stairs if you looked down.

native American presentation

These are animal pelts
They are used for worm
They wear these ever day

title My science project


words In science we made civets we tied to make the light work fist you have to Conant the red wirer
Then the other side to the battery then you Conant the other red wirer to the battery.

The white pine
This is the white pin tree it is HUGE it is
as tall as ten building. But it is our state

One of the battle books
This is a battle book it is for the battle
of the books we have to read as many books
as you can the battle starts in March 28
this is a fun book you should read the

Water pump

This is a water pump this is how people got water back
then you have to pump hard to get the water the
water is good the water came from a like or an
ocean this is a hard way to get water