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battle book
My favorite battle of the books book
my favorite battle of the books book is Franklin Roosevelt.
I like how it is abot FDR.
This is a good book.
I finished this book in 2 to 3 days.


I love to have spelling i do really good.
On my spelling it is fun to do aim to spell.

Me and my class went to the on field trip to Lansing.
We went to the Capitol and lad on the on ground to see the rotunda.

Title:my favorite book is would you rather

The book I like is Would You Rather.
Its sometimes goofy.
ther is a game to.

srkit my group
My group made a srkit. It is reale hard to make.
This one you need 3 lights,2 batters,5 wires.

My 3rd favorite battle book
This is my 3rd battle book.
This is a good book.
It is a short book but good.

This is my first battle book.
Rotten school is the grosses book I have ever seen.
It has 17 chapters in it.
Rotten school is a good book.